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Python 3.6 Masterclass by GeeksHubs Academy

  • Backend project structure with Python.
  • Best practices in Object Oriented Programming.
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism applied to Python projects.
  • Inclusion of singleton and abstract-factory creational patterns.
  • SOLID principles, indispensable, applied to development with Python.

For the second part of the session, the developer will face the resolution of challenges in which they must apply the theoretical concepts seen in the first part of the session. This consists of a system of 3 tests, the first 2 being common for all teams and a last specific test for each of the companies.

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There will be 3 groups in the workshop, each one of them will have one winner, each of the three winners will receive a €500 discount on our Bootcamps. The groups will be mentored by Partner Companies (DEKALABS, Mercadona Tech y Cecotec).

Python 3.6

Python is one of the most popular programming languages due to its application in the field of AI and Data science

It is a general purpose, multiparadigm and open source language, although in its origins it was considered as a scripting language, time has placed it at the top of the languages most used by developers together with Java, C #, Javascript and Go . 

Its versatility and ease of learning make Python a good choice for both novice developers and more experienced technicians.

Jose Marín

Full Stack Developer & IT Trainer at GeeksHubs Academy

“Multiplatform and web application developer and ICT teacher specialised in JAVA, .NET, PHP and Python as well as Frontend with JS, HTML, Bootstrap and Angular. I consider myself a passionate about technology and a very curious person. With effort everything can be achieved.”

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